Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living on a bridge

Just in case anyone has a bit of a troll complex, I just wanted you to know that living IN a bridge is possible (so no need to hide underneath from 9 to 5 waiting for billy goats):

The Bridge House, by Max Pritchard Architect, is living proof that weird dimensions thrown over a river can work, at least sometimes.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tent, anyone?

I'm off to the Campus Party in Valencia next week, Spain's equivalent to E3. The idea of spending five or six days lazing around playing World of Warcraft and eating junk food is extremely attractive, I did it last year and enjoyed it inmensely. However, tents are a necessity, and camping in a parking lot can be fun... or can be a nightmare if you're a light sleeper, have a cheap blow-up mattress, have to share your space with a snorer or hate portable showers (last year I had a bit of everything, and the amorous couple in the tent next to mine didn't help much, either). In any case, I think if I opted for something made by Exclusive Tents, things would be a whole lot easier...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leighton House

One of the 19th century's greatest English painters, Lord Leighton, owned a house anyone would be proud of. Maybe somewhat over the top and barroque, I can't help but love all the Arab-influenced ostentation:

Thomas Jayne wrote a great piece about how to use yellow lighting and reflection where he mentions the Sloane Museum as one of Leighton's main influences. I'm not really into yellow as a colour, but I have to say this sure looks magnificent:

Yay! First post.

After torturing my Facebook friends time and time again with photographs of beautiful estates and inspiring interiors, I've decided to create a blog specifically for my own purposes, ie. admiring places I'll probably never have but love to dream about.

So let's start off with this amazing place photographed by Adriano Bacchella. You can find more of his lovely pics at his website. I have more books than a sane person should be allowed to have (the fact that I work in publishing doesn't help either), so I love how they're just sitting there in a corner, don't you?:

I'm also inspired with how writing on the wall can actually look quite chic:

You can find more images of this castle-like building in Zainterioranet. Enjoy!

And by the way, Spanish is my main language and my English is pretty rusty, so I'd be extremely grateful if you point out any spelling and/or grammar mistakes you should stumble upon!

Para visitantes hispanohablantes: En principio este blog será en inglés, aunque siempre existe la posibilidad de que me aburra y lo convierta al español. Pero vamos, que como el objetivo es ver imágenes de casas e interiores bonitos, tampoco os perdéis nada si no entendéis mis gilipolleces en el idioma de la Pérfida Albión.