Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I love glass

Probably my favourite media, glass has fascinated me since I was a child. I have a slight memory of being in a glass-blowing workshop many years ago, where my parents bought a beautiful glass figurine that has since disappeared from our home, probably broken during one of my brother's or my clumsy racket around the place. Tinted glass is definitely my obsession, though foil and cracked creations hold their own charm. Since I've been making my own jewellery for the last few years, I've spent hours of longing and lust on the internet, hunting down the most beautiful czech, japanese and indian beads (though the real treasures are lampwork figures you can find on Ebay):



Since I'm obsessed with practicality, glass that can be used as part of a necklace will always strike a chord with me. However, the wonderful thing about glass is that its beauty is impressive even it is serves no function whatsoever, such as artist Graham Caldwell proves with his sculptures:

Caldwell has a certain biological quality to his work that reminds me of cyberpunk anime: metal and glass tentacles and spikes, what's not to love?

Perfume bottles are also interesting glass creations. Kela's has an interesting and modern selection:

Though I still prefer old-style granny bottles, that look ready for anything: from Chanel 5 to stiff liqueur:

And, of course, having lived for many years in arab-influenced Granada in Southern Spain, I have a penchant for Moroccan style perfume bottles. You can find them online for a decent price here:

What's your favourite glass ornament?

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Red and white

I live in a tiny apartment, where my living room is actually my kitchen and study. Therefore, saving space is a priority. I own a huge run-down sofa-bed which I'd willingly exchange for something slightly more... presentable. Maybe something like the Lonneberga, a great stackable sofa-slash-bed that looks great even if you don't own a dog (which I don't, but I bet my white half-siamese kitty would enjoy lounging on it anyhow).

But if you're really gonna do it properly, you need gear to match. However, I don't think Nina Invorm would approve if I stole her red shoe collection, fantastic as it is:

I'll just have to stick to my old and ragged flower print sofa, and be faithful to my less than glamourous wardrobe (well, maybe a teensy bit glamourous).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Luxury villa in Morocco

Fancy doing your home up Marrakesh-style? You might be inspired by this ultra-luxurious building near Riad. All rooms face towards the indoor pool, decorated with a beautiful Alhambra-style Fountain. Plenty of cushions, carpets and sumptuous fabrics, lighting and wooden ceilings. Not much room for my books or clothes, though.


In case you're wandering where you can buy or rent similar luxury accomodations, there's plenty to choose from here, however this particular building was featured on Embellezzia, a Spanish website.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diesel textiles

Even though they're best known for clothes and perfume, hip brand Diesel has braved the world of textiles and furniture. What can I say, though I adore their linen collection, I've fallen in love with their whole setting, the industrial look is really starting to appeal to me:

These bed sheets and covers radiate organic warmth in an uninviting yet attractive environment. As if you'd just thrown together a few things you found in the local dump.

I'm still not sure if this is a coffee table, a music centre or a pc, but whatever it is it's unique:

More great stuff on Diesel's website. Thanks to Anna Yu for sharing her discovery on Stylehive.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Lighting design

Ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a discotech? Quirke McNamara Consultancy has the answer, or rather quite a few answers. The results are spectacular, but maybe too cold for home owners looking for comfort and warmth.

Obviously UV lighting is great for decorating uses, specially for art exhibitions, cafes and the like. I hadn't really considered the perks of introducing it into a domestic area. Also, I personally spent 8 hours a day for some time in a UV-illuminated office, and it doesn't create a relaxed atmosphere, though you can't deny it looks pretty cool.

So if you're going for a house to match your modified computer, I'd definitely advise you to contact Susan Quirke. And if you're not, you'll have fun all the same drooling over their website's astounding portfolios.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook HQ

Everyone felt pangs of envy when they found out about Google's treatment of employees: open spaces, a laid back attitude and plenty of creativity going around have made it one of the best employers of the century. So it's hardly surprising that networking monster Facebook has followed in its footsteps. Facebook's headquarters are designed for freedom: blank walls to write on, high ceilings and carefree sofas to lounge on. Maybe too eclectic for my taste (I'm still not convinced by the whole "let's just throw furniture and colours together and see what happens" attitude to decorating), I probably wouldn't want to live here but I sure wouldn't mind working here!

Even the exterior has a certain internet logo feel to it.

Any DJs available?

Love the zebra crossing. Is that a little pet bed I see next to the grey sofa? Could I take my cat?
I'll have to ask the designers at Studio O+A

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bet it smells

Ok, so we've all seen those reality TV shows where they make poor Western families go and live with some African tribe and build their own mud-shack. If they're lucky, it's just mud, if they're not that lucky they get to use manure. But if you really have to build your own crappy shack, why not go for it big time and do it in style?

This photo is taken from Yoshio Komatsu's Wonderful houses from around the world. More details here. The book contains many strange and beautiful buildings, and is specially developed for children.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Custom glass and metal screen

Craig Kellog wrote an interesting article for Interior Design named "Mansion in the Sky", about a couple's decision to move from the suburbs to the centre of Manhattan, custom-tailoring everything to their needs and wants. I'm not very enthusiastic about the look of the place in general (some of the art pieces make me wince, and there's that modern "nothing goes with anything" look that's so fashionable these days).

However, I've fallen in love with one of the area's main pieces, an astounding glass and metal screen (handmade by Susan Woods) that sets the scene and contrives to give the place a definite something. Funny how optical illusions go, it took me a while to realise both chair and desk are in front of the screen (the reflection on the desk's mirror surface makes it look as if it's behind). What a wonderful working space.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Prestigious dutch designers Bearandbunny are responsible for the amazing new look for an old Philips factory. Called "Le plus grande café du monde", I don't know if it's actually the biggest café in the world (or the greatest), but it's definitely large (and great). Eindhoven sets the mood for this brilliant art-deco space. I think I might go for something like that in my bathroom... if I had more than three square metres to play with, obviously. Sigh.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Long time no see

So I finally got Internet, after waiting for over two months to get connected.

Everything was just one bust up after another, the phone company just kept getting everything wrong until I finally managed to get my 6 meg ADSL. Also I just happened to move house, since my landlord decided he wanted his place back for his own purposes (ie. he got his girlfriend pregnant). It's a shame I had to leave since the place was beautiful and spacious, but I admit I hated the neighbours and our cats didn't really have a chance to go outdoors. Anyhow, for the same price I'm stuck now in a tiny apartment with bags and bags of unpacked stuff and nowhere to put it. Everything is fine, though, 'cause I'm right next to the beach!

As to places I'd like to live in, weeell, who wouldn't want to live next to THIS??