Monday, April 18, 2011


I've been so busy lately, with one thing and the other, that I've hardly had time to list new Miss Cristal jewellery. What I have been doing is taking photos of the beautiful Natalia, who kindly offered to pose for a pin up session I carried out with some friends for the humour Spanish site zasbaidefeis. I'm quite pleased with the results (except for the post-editing, since a few of the photos aren't properly edited... I really should have done that myself), and I managed to sneak in a few of my pieces for my own Miss Cristal profit! This is my favourite, I just love the picture!:

I have also devoted waaay too much time on more origami. Here's a sample of my latest, cute little handpainted gift boxes!

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  1. She looks stunning. And your bracelets are beautiful, can´t wait to wear my one :D