Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Steampunk

Steampunk, what's not to love? Tim Powers, Robert Rankin, victorian corsets, hobnailed boots and weird clockwork-driven contraptions. Personally, I adore it. There's so much revival going on, so much "let's go back to the 80's", it seems we're endlessly recycling the same stuff, so it's refreshing to find a fashion and design trend that respects true inventive and originality (and looks great in the process). Gianfranco Ferré created these fabulous heels inspired by steampunk brass and buckles:

Steampunk fashion is diverse, entwined in popular goth, punk and even lolita culture. It's all about mixing and experimenting: goggles, neckerchiefs, pirate inspired trousers, coils and cables, neovictorian headdresses, the only limit is your imagination:


More great photography by Kat Bret at her website.

Paul K. Stolen is a great scenic and costume designer who creates astounding sets and garments really worth a look. More at his website.

And since everything is better with bluetooth, why not adapt steampunk to modern technology? I found this on Geekologie:

And just when I thought "oh, it's about time someone created a steampunk house", I discovered Sara Carlstead Brumfield's blog,, with a few spectacular pics. Whoever thought you could make a coffee table out of old Samsonite luggage?


  1. omg the shoes!!! they look so painful and great :D

  2. Oh my, the only limit is your imagination all right! Steampunk sounds totally scary and amazing at the same time!! Great post:)


  3. Naka, loving beautiful shoes and personal masochism are two carefully intertwined concepts ;)

    Sher, thanks for the comment, I'm a big fan of your blog!

  4. I could never wear shoes like that, but they totally rock! Any suggestions of what could be done to a pair of trainers? LOL! I'm going to a Steampunk weekend in Lincoln (UK) in September. I need ideas...

  5. Hsve you tried using some combat boots or grey or brown Doc Martens? They would actually look great with something really feminine in contrast, like a tight skirt or a corset

  6. oh my goshhh those shoes are aweeeesome !!
    love them !!