Thursday, May 6, 2010

Deka Ray

Deka Ray makes futuristic necklaces in oxidized bronze and silver. The pictures speak for themselves. There's such a fine line between jewellery and art.

Metalsmithing in all its variants amazes me. I wish I had the time and money to try it out (along with polymer metal clay and lampworking). Someday I'll invest in a kiln, at least.

I finished City of Glass the other night. I always get frustrated with Paul Auster, he's such a brilliant narratologist and such a poor narrator. Learn how to finish your stories properly, and then start pretending you're Umberto Eco. Fortunately Ghosts was slightly less irritating. Only The Locked Room to go to finish the trilogy, and then I'll have to get some Kazuo Ishiguro to soothe my nerves.

By the way, dear visitors, if you actually enjoy reading never get a degree in Literary Criticism. It totally spoils the experience.


  1. i love the last pair of earrings ^^

  2. Me gustan los anillos, pero luego salgo tan rápido de casa que se me olvida ponermelos!

    Una rana que se llama perro jajaj, bueno los mios tambien tienen nombres raros ;)

  3. Qué bonito diseño, los anillos son preciosos!!