Sunday, May 2, 2010


The lovely and very talented Jesús Belly is working on an art show where he intends to include pop-art type portraits of bloggers whom he follows and are also his own followers and fans. And that includes moi! I've been blogging in Spanish since 2004, so it's nice when once in a while you get this kind of perks.You can see some of his other work on his blog and on his design website, including this project. And here's my portrait, which makes me very very happy:

The portrait is based on a photo taken by the extraordinary photographer and poet Marco Antonio Raya.


  1. gracias wapa, así da gusto hacer fotografías. ha quedado genial :)

  2. Wow, you look fun, how cool is this and what a talent! Sharon xx

  3. How wonderful, this is a really nice perk!!

    p.s. I got my bow cream dress from a vintage store:)

  4. Thanks Sharon and Sher for the thumbs up!

    Sher, the dress is lovely, great find :)

    Marco, tienes que hacerme más para que le demos trabajo a más dibujantes :P