Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion secrets

I love this Bensoni organza dress. I actually prefer it in dark blue, but could only find an image of it in white. Very summery, in any case. I like the smooth, flattering lines and the beautiful collar. I'd definitely wear it with cute, flat sandals and a huge, chunky bracelet. Shame you'd need 550 USD to get ahold of it! I've always said I can't understand how people spend so much on fashion (I'm more of a second hand shop girl myself), but I suppose if you earn millions, a mere half-mil isn't going to set you back. What I find quite surprising is how people living on a 1000 euro budget (that would probably be the equivalent to 1600 dollars in the US, wage-wise) prefer splashing out on something like this than paying for basic stuff like food!

Aaah. So that's the secret to a size zero sorted.


Bah, keep the dress, I'm off to enjoy a nice glass of wine and some Lebanese tapas.

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