Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Artisan: Naventin

Large rings and talented women are two of my favourite things in the world. So it's no surprise I fell in love with naventin's work as soon as I saw it. Plus, she's from Barcelona. I'm afraid most Spanish artisans I've found on Etsy aren't really my style (lots of cute felt and polymer clay figures), so it's always a huge plus to find someone as accomplished as this young lady.

On a completely unrelated note, I wanted to point out that she states this in her shop profile: ATENTION!!! SHIPPING NEWS! This year the spanish post service has risen its prices, therefore my shipping fees have risen a bit too. And it's true, it has, and it makes me feel like crying every time I have to charge someone 13 dollars for shipping one hundred and f*****g fifty grams!!! How am I supposed to compete with other sellers? It's COMPLETELY ridiculous. Thank you, Correos, for making us Spaniards have an even harder time at making a living.

Anyhow, I'll calm down now and leave you to enjoy her handmade beauties:

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