Monday, October 19, 2009

Lighting design

Ever wondered what it would feel like to live in a discotech? Quirke McNamara Consultancy has the answer, or rather quite a few answers. The results are spectacular, but maybe too cold for home owners looking for comfort and warmth.

Obviously UV lighting is great for decorating uses, specially for art exhibitions, cafes and the like. I hadn't really considered the perks of introducing it into a domestic area. Also, I personally spent 8 hours a day for some time in a UV-illuminated office, and it doesn't create a relaxed atmosphere, though you can't deny it looks pretty cool.

So if you're going for a house to match your modified computer, I'd definitely advise you to contact Susan Quirke. And if you're not, you'll have fun all the same drooling over their website's astounding portfolios.

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