Thursday, October 15, 2009

Facebook HQ

Everyone felt pangs of envy when they found out about Google's treatment of employees: open spaces, a laid back attitude and plenty of creativity going around have made it one of the best employers of the century. So it's hardly surprising that networking monster Facebook has followed in its footsteps. Facebook's headquarters are designed for freedom: blank walls to write on, high ceilings and carefree sofas to lounge on. Maybe too eclectic for my taste (I'm still not convinced by the whole "let's just throw furniture and colours together and see what happens" attitude to decorating), I probably wouldn't want to live here but I sure wouldn't mind working here!

Even the exterior has a certain internet logo feel to it.

Any DJs available?

Love the zebra crossing. Is that a little pet bed I see next to the grey sofa? Could I take my cat?
I'll have to ask the designers at Studio O+A

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