Thursday, October 8, 2009

Long time no see

So I finally got Internet, after waiting for over two months to get connected.

Everything was just one bust up after another, the phone company just kept getting everything wrong until I finally managed to get my 6 meg ADSL. Also I just happened to move house, since my landlord decided he wanted his place back for his own purposes (ie. he got his girlfriend pregnant). It's a shame I had to leave since the place was beautiful and spacious, but I admit I hated the neighbours and our cats didn't really have a chance to go outdoors. Anyhow, for the same price I'm stuck now in a tiny apartment with bags and bags of unpacked stuff and nowhere to put it. Everything is fine, though, 'cause I'm right next to the beach!

As to places I'd like to live in, weeell, who wouldn't want to live next to THIS??

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