Monday, January 3, 2011

From Napoleonic warfare to modern day beauty

A Martello tower in Suffolk (UK) transforms into an amazing home. I'm sure the soldiers who lived in these quarters never imagined it could look like this, over a century later. It took Duncan Jackson 10 years to turn it into this welcoming, extraordinary domus. Read about it in The Guardian.


  1. Oh my!! So this is what you do when you are not on etsy!! Haha!! Fabulous! Hope your kitty is doing well!

    And I admit to liking the dead bloated washed up rat in the picture below....I don't know why. I have an affinity for rodents..though I would rather have a live pet rat than a dead bloated one!

    Thanks for stopping by blog!

  2. The kitties are doing great. Pente still sleeps with his head on his fave catnip toy! ;)

    I found the rat weirdly beautiful, in its own way. I've always liked rodents in general, never had anything against rats or mice. Apparently rats are devoted and intelligent pets, might get one someday!