Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Artisan: BeadEvolution

One thing I find on Etsy is that there really aren't many bold, colourful items. Unlike its European counterpart, DaWanda, that constantly features colour in many ways, Etsy seems to favour bland, greyish and pastel selections, whether it be items, web design or front pages. So it's great when once in a while you stumble across shops like Helen's BeadEvolution. Resin is a must in her shop, and everything's crisp and bright as today's sunny blue Mediterranean sky.

And of course here's my Miss Cristal contribution for the day, The Blue Unicorn (thank you, Mamen, for the name idea!):

In case you're wondering, the background is my old Chinese workbook. I did one semester of Chinese at University, and all I can remember is "ni hao". Then again, I did a few years of French and I don't remember much of that, either. It's a miracle I still speak English!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my little shop - on your lovely blog! You are right - I am crazy about colour!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Helen :) I'm a colour fan myself!