Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pastels for a blonde

Alas the photoshoot was not to be, nor did that newspaper ever call me back for an interview. I admit I'm disappointed, at the rain on Sunday that of course fell on my beach-photographing plans, at a week full of disasters, at myself for whining and crying and being a big baby about everything instead of buckling up and grabbing life by the horns as I should do (as I sometimes do). So after spending these week days shivering and moaning at home (Winter has suddenly arrived, out of bloody nowhere), working odd hours and cursing my unpaying customers, a migraine here and extreme self-pity and laziness there, I am presently pulling on my walking shoes and walking gear and braving the cold (well, it's not THAT cold) to try and get my life back into gear. I haven't got any new photos but my lovely Mamen was nice enough to send me a shot of herself wearing the necklace I made for her recent birthday. Mamen and I shared a flat for a few years while we were studying at uni, and have been very close ever since, which is why it sucks that we're far away from eachother and hardly ever get to have tea or wine in our favourite Granada places. She always sends me the best presents and has a great memory for birthdays and such, while I absolutely suck at it. Good thing I wasn't too late for hers this year.

Light blue and cream glass goodness for a girl with unique style. 


  1. Thanks. And you are never too late, just in time.