Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Things that people give away

This morning was a bad morning. Just one of those mornings where other people seem determined to upset you, piss you off and other similar and less-safe-for-work verbs. The moral is, as usual, that mostly you get what you pay for, so working with a different printer just because they're cheaper isn't necessarily a good idea, especially when they end up driving you up the wall and spinning unheard of hidden costs on you with no regret or sense of decency whatsoever. I'm also annoyed in general 'cause the newspaper never called me back (I'd expect them to say something, even if it were just "sorry, you didn't get the job"; just an email would have sufficed).

But fortunately, sometimes you don't get what you pay for. This morning I walked into my local charity shop and came across a beautiful long black woollen coat. Ah, it also happened to include a black label reading "Lanvin". So I got myself a Lanvin coat for 4 euros. A stunning piece of art that someone donated just like that, a stunning piece of art that someone tagged at 4 euros and that nobody noticed until I came along this morning.

The coat is much too big for me, but I don't really care, it still makes me feel like a princess. Even if it were a fake the quality is superb, I would have paid the 4 euros for the buttons alone; the design is slightly 60s but the label design is definitely post-90s. I'll be posting photos as soon as I can, to see if anyone can help me figure out where it's coming from. Considering my financial situation my first thought was to sell it, but I might end up looking under the sofa for change to get it altered...


  1. Which size is that? I want piccies xD

  2. It's huge, definitely for someone with broad shoulders and very tall. I really don't know if it's supposed to look so big or if it's just a very large size. I SO need to get pics!