Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I've always been one for corsets, ever since I started buying my own clothes. Internet has made all types of clothing accesible, but back in the days I remember how I used to hunt through lingerie sales to find frilly bodys, basques and similar undergarments to use as part of my weekend ensemble (since I wore a uniform at school, Saturdays were my great dressing-up days). I used to spend my holidays in London rummaging through charity shops and M&S underwear sections looking for something even remotely similar to my fairytale dreams. I was the first girl I knew to wear suspenders, and the local expert on fishnets.

Throughout the years I've built up quite a collection of bustiers and a few decent corsets, even though I've never been able to afford the real made-to-measure wonders. I would waist-train if I had the money. Most of them I hardly wear anymore, being either too small or worn out to use anymore, but a few are still my all-time favourites. Recently my darling Mamen exerted her Sugar Mommy privileges (long story) and bought me a new one, which I am presently devoted to. The photos are crap but I think you can get an idea of my current relationship d'amour:

Which is all very well until I eventually get to the point of going mad and splashing out on something by Maya Hansen or Bibian Blue (might happen someday):

I'm not a huge fan of Victoria Francés as an illustrator but she is fantastic as a model and style icon in general. Her collaboration with Maya Hansen was great, as well as her vinculation with Bibian Blue. Here's a picture of Bibian's steampunk designs (Victoria is the model on the left):


I'm also a huge admirer of the very talented Muriel dal Bo, who has her own personal brand: Sublime. Muriel makes anything from goth gear to Versalles ballgowns, and also happens to be a delightful lady I have the honour of having met in person:

I think I'm just about ready for that guillotine...

Editing: I've been going through Maya Hansen's promos and website and though her corsets are brilliant I do NOT like her size zero models, clothes seem to fall off them. Pin up is always prettier with some flesh to match, methinks. Bibian's models are also petite but seem a bit chunkier, or have better fitted garments. One of the things I love about burlesque is the return of the heavier ladies, and Maya's stuff looks a lot livelier on Ivy Page then on other skeletal bodies:


  1. omg my best friend loves victoria Frances ^^

    I love ur hair ^^ how do u maintain the colour?
    I've used schwarzkopf and stargazer and got great results but they only lasted a couple of washes :(

    I would lvoe the waist train too :/
    I've seen plenty of beautiful corsets at WGW but frankly they r too expensive for me :(

    love your taste and style ^^

  2. Hi Naka, I've spent years and years trying to get the red I wanted! The best result is L'Oreal's Majicontrast (if your hair is dark you'll need to bleach it as much as possible), in a 2/1 mixture of Red and Copper Red. Majicontrast is supposed to be just for streaks but I use it for all my hair.

    To maintain the colour I wash my hair with Revlon's Nutri Color Crème (it's a kind of instant dye-conditioner) once a week, and reapply Majicontrast every 6 weeks. It's a pretty expensive and tiresome hairdo, I'm afraid, and very bad for your hair (I'm constantly applying products but it's brittle as hell). I do all my colouring at home since hairdressers have always been one disaster after the other. I know it's just gonna get to the point where I cut it all off and dye it another colour but for now I'm sticking to it (I've kept the colour for the past two years).

  3. Love that my presents fit your natural beauty sooo well. Sugar Mommy is so proud of her little girl...
    I want to see you live with that lovely corset. If my one fits me, I´m gonna get more soon :)

    PS: Revlon is the best hair products brand. Miss your hair so much...

  4. What, you miss hours and hours of free hairdressing service? Oh, all that bleaching and brushing...

    I haven't tried on your corset but mine's a great fit (slightly large on the bust size, but that was expected). We should wear them to the Muse Lunch/Dinner :D

  5. Good idea, but I haven´t got it, so it´s gonna be a bit hard for me to wear it :P
    I´ve got an idea for Muse Meeting: why don´t you draw some nice bookmarks with our muse names? it would be fantastic... :)

    PS: love brushing your hair, you know that. And our chats meanwhile :P

  6. Bet the girls would love it, I might take some little earrings along with me or something of the kind.

    We could always meet up beforehand and get you changed in the Corte Ingles toilets XD

  7. Brilliant idea :D
    BTW, I love Ivy´s models, they are more... Like me, what shows me I could imagine being a burlesque model on those clothes xD

  8. Yep, Ivy is very you, same hair and skin tone! You should go for a gold corset, seems to be it'd be pretty flattering.

    I am SO gonna try on your corset before you do :P

  9. You're so lucky cause you pull off a corset really well... I find it quite difficult to wear them but they devastatingly pretty...

    Love, love, love your blog! Am following you too!


  10. Believe me, there's not a girl in the world who can't pull off a corset (that's the great thing about them), though of course it's a case of getting the right corset. They can be quite uncomfortable which I why I love this one so much, it's quite wearable.

    Thanks for following, I love your blog, too, you've got brilliant and original fashion sense!