Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What did you get for Christmas

Ok, ok, I promise I'll be putting photos up very soon, as soon as my darling brother gives me my memory card back! Suffice to say Christmas was very generous with me, bringing me loads of books, cute little bits and bobs from the great socking-filler-expert that is my mother, some great new running shoes, a fantastic outfit for New Years Eve and even a bit of sunshine amidst the torrential rain we've been having. Oh, yes, and a bottle of Disaronno (lethally sweet and delicious) that hasn't lasted very long. Without forgetting my great computer, of course, so it's been quite a mentionable Christmas!

For now I'll just have to post photos taken with my awful mobile phone camera. This one is from yesterday morning, walking on the seafront with the most spectacular sunrise I've seen in a while:

Been to my jewellery shop yet? I'm also on Etsy and Dawanda!

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