Thursday, April 29, 2010

Greener than green.

Treehouses are something I've never personally experienced. Maybe we just don't get that kind of enourmous, back-garden type of tree in the South of Spain (I did have an apple tree as a child in England, however). Maybe we just don't realise what we're missing, what with all the swimming pools and beaches... Or maybe we'd be more interested if all tree houses looked like the Wilkinson Residence in Portland:

Not bad. Not bad at all. This is what happens when you ask architect Robert Harvey Oshatz to design your house.


  1. Me too sweetie, would love a tree house as my holiday home, real security in being off the ground! This is stunning thanks for the share! Sharon xx

  2. *Saves all the images*

    WOW!! It's sort of an unrealised dream of mine to live in fairly-like tree house :P That serene mix of home life with nature has such a romantic feel.

  3. The actual choice of colours and furniture doesn't do that much for me, but the shapes, the endless possibilities... *drool*