Saturday, April 17, 2010

The wonders of Michael Rosner

Bodypaint is a fickle art. Sometimes it's amazing, sometimes it just looks tacky (a bit like eating sushi off a naked woman: the Japanese do it right, the rest of the world doesn't). Maybe that's why it's rare to encounter artists like Michael Rosner, who teamed up with photographer Tim Engle to create fabulous images such as these:

You can find more of Rosner's work at his website, and follow Engle's photography at Tim Engle Photography. Rosner also has a Facebook fan page.


  1. wow your blog is very inspirational! Thank you for your sweet comment to mine, so I found yours.

    I LOVE the middle one as well, with the horns and the overall feeling reminded me of sirens in Greek mythology!

  2. Thank you Derya for stopping by, it's an honour :)

    I totally agree about the middle one, sirens in Greek mythology were quite perverse (what with eating lost mariners and such) so the horns would give them a very fitting demon-like quality.