Sunday, April 18, 2010

Happy hiving

I'm a big fan of Stylehive when it comes to browsing through all types of fashion and accesories. Though I'm not really interested in most of what people consider to be "in" or "trendy", there are always a few exceptions that catch my eye. Here are some of my most recent favourites:

Gia Lorenzi came up with these spectacular serpent heel black pumps. I think you could walk down the street wearing a sack and people would be focusing on the shoes. Not for the fainthearted, I think, doesn't seem to be much of a comfy platform on the front of these killer beauties. And of course there's some Swaroski to bling them up.

So I'm a sucker for black and white disco looks. Ami Clubwear offers very affordable party gear for the bold. I'd probably go for black tights with this, and maybe some faux-fur to give it an all round "I'm completely out of fashion but I don't give a damn" vibe.

And since we're going for black and white polka dots, how about Bebe's little monochromatic hobo bag? Maybe a bit teensy for my liking, I need large bags to fit my whole life into (yes, I carry everything around, I'm practical like that). Alltogether, these items might sum up a decent outfit, and just to be me, I'd have bright blue hair to match the baby blue swaroski on the shoes. Yeah, I got away with things like that long before Lady Gaga did, my dears (well, maybe not got away, but at least tried too).

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  1. nice polka dots and i love the killer heels ^^