Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome to the wonderful world of design

Dental Office

Dental Office: “We would like to use your creative services but we would like to see some ideas and concepts before we give you the go ahead.”
Me: “Sure. And since you are a Dental office (and I’m already here), lets go into the next room so you can whiten my teeth. If I like the results, maybe I’ll agree to pay you.”
Taken from Clients from Hell. I helped out at a Web Design firm for a few years and I run a publishing brand... I can relate sooo much to this website. In any case, the Dental Office scenario can also be played out if you're a translator (every time someone asks me to translate something for them I say "fine, my rate is 0.06 € per word") or a computer technician (my brother has a t-shirt that reads "No, I will not fix your computer").