Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Etsy delight

Etsy is probably the worst thing ever to happen to my personal economy. In any case, here goes this week's supply of beautiful must-haves I wish I could afford:

Handbags by Daphne involves two of my personal fetishes: handbags and beautiful, luxurious textiles. How can one say no to a combination of both, specially in sensational black and white?

As a creative person myself, I'm always on the lookout for pretty new ways to decorate my packages when I sell jewellery. Luvs2create2 makes the cutest gift tags you can come accross, and I've always been a fan of Peter Rabbit and everything Beatrix Potter:

Etsy jewellery maker Terrastratum makes incredibly original and stunning pieces. Personally, I adore these chopstick earrings, in oxidised silver and gold dust!

But my week's favourite has to be chriswrinn. Chris specialises in precious metals and PMC (polymer metal clay), and uses an infinite amount of imagination and patience to come up with special beauties like these:

Believe me, I will never purchase cheap, mass produced jewellery again! Stunning creations like these deserve all the attention they can get.

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